Mason’s Birth Story

Guess what? I finally had my baby! Mason Sidney Cleaver was born at 1:17 pm on Saturday, October 13. He weighed 7 lbs 1 oz and was 20 inches long. My smallest baby! I was really surprised at how tiny he was, because he was also my most uncomfortable pregnancy by far. The doctor who delivered him said that it wasn’t his fault, and that his brothers paved the way for that. He said he likes to stick up for those 3rd kids lol.

On the morning of the 13th, I woke up at 4 am. I’d been waking up super early pretty regularly because I was hyper nesting and I was super excited about being in our new house and I wanted to clean and organize. I was sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast and shopping for curtains when I felt my first contraction. It was 5:30 am at that point. I started timing them, and after a couple hours they were coming pretty regularly at 3 minutes apart so we packed up the kids and called the hospital to let them know I’d be coming in after we got our older boys dropped off at their grandparent’s house.

We arrived at the hospital at about 8 am, but we didn’t get into triage until about 8:30 am. I was only dilated to a 2, but I felt really light headed all of a sudden so they had me lay on my left side, and when that didn’t help, they hooked me up to an IV to give me fluids. I was so dehydrated that they couldn’t find a vein, and that is super rare for me. Doctors and nurses are always telling me how lovely my veins are. I think I hated getting hooked up to the IV more than labor itself…

I hate looking at the IV, and they took forever to bring me a cover, so I got creative and used mesh panties in the meantime lol.

Once the IV was in and I was getting fluids, I felt much better. The contractions had slowed down during that time, but they began picking up again once I got those fluids in me. They checked my cervix again at 11 am and I was only dilated to a 3. They decided to keep me in triage to monitor me and the baby a little longer and see if my labor continued to progress.

After what felt like forever but was really probably only an hour, the nurse came back in to check on me. I asked if I could get off the monitor and the IV and move around because my contractions were getting stronger, and they said they needed me to stay on the monitor for 20 more minutes because I had moved and messed it up, and they needed 20 solid minutes of the baby’s heartbeat looking good. They brought me a yoga ball to sit on so I could lean over the bed during contractions. Ryan rubbed my back and helped me keep the monitor on the baby so we could get that solid 20 minutes. It was so hard! But finally we got it, and I asked the nurses if I could start using nitrous to help me through contractions. They decided that if I was ready for nitrous, they needed to check my cervix again. I was at a 6 and at about 12:30 pm they finally admitted me and got me into a delivery room.

The nurse wheeled me to my room in a wheel chair, and I had a couple really intense contractions on the way there. Once we got into the room, they gave me the nitrous and checked my cervix. I was at an 8. I tried to use the nitrous to help me, but it made me feel lightheaded all over again so I threw it on the floor and decided to get that baby out all natural. They tried to give me oxygen to help me, but the contractions were so intense that I couldn’t focus on anything else. With the next contraction, my body somehow knew exactly what to do. I flipped onto my side and told everyone I needed to push. I didn’t hear them, but apparently the nurses told me to wait because I wasn’t fully dilated and the doctor wasn’t there yet.

The doctor arrived right as my water broke and I started pushing. Ryan turned away for a second to move a chair, and when he turned back Mason’s head was born! The doctor coached me through the next couple of pushes and then at 1:17 pm Mason was out. We had a slow start but he was ready to see the world! Ryan even cut the cord this time. The doctor didn’t give him a choice, he just said, “here Dad, help me out with this” and handed him the scissors and showed him where to cut. He did great! No one passed out!

I refer to the doctor who delivered Mason as just “the doctor” because he was the on call doctor, not my OB. Mason was born too fast for my OB to make it, so the on call doctor handled everything for me. It was the first time my OB couldn’t make it to deliver my baby! But it ended up being great. He was an excellent doctor, and really funny so it made the fact that it took forever to stitch me up less awkward. And honestly, once you help someone have a baby you’re pretty much family.

Each time we’ve had a baby, our delivery team always comments about something unique about our baby. Kender had a huge placenta, Rhett was just a massive baby with big bear hands, and Mason had a huge umbilical cord and beautiful eyelashes.

It’s been nice to be home enjoying our precious new baby. Kender and Rhett are both awesome big brothers, and they love their little Mason. I was able to breast feed for 2 weeks this time before his doctor suggested switching to formula because he wasn’t gaining enough weight. I’ve had that same problem with all 3 boys! I breastfed Kender for a couple days (anxiety was the biggest reason for the switch with him), Rhett for about a week, and Mason for about 2 weeks. I’m glad I was able to nurse him for as long as I did, but honestly I prefer bottle feeding anyway. And I’ll do whatever my baby needs to be happy and healthy!

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