Mason Turns 3, Soccer, & Cute Costumes


Kender has been playing in a soccer league this season, and he loves it! I’m so glad. When he was 3 I put him in soccer and he hated it, and told me for the next few years that he’d never do soccer again… I’m glad he got over that.

Taking his team pictures

Hanging with his buddies

This is after he won his first game! It was 2 to 1, and he scored BOTH goals!!!

Cute Costumes

It’s now October, which means I pulled out our box of Halloween costumes. The boys grabbed their favorites, and played dressup for a few days. Rhett is wearing his Paw Patrol costume again… Not sure how many years in a row that is now! Mason likes the Paw Patrol costume that is way too small for him. I looked for a bigger one, but stores don’t keep much in stock these days. So we’ll see how long he lasts on Halloween with this one riding up on him.

Marshal from Paw Patrol

Also Marshal from Paw Patrol

A scary “corn goblin”

Chase & Marshal from Paw Patrol

Mason Turns 3

Mason turned 3 on the 13th! I still can’t believe he’s gotten so big already… I’ll be honest, some days it feels like he will never grow out of his tantrums and toddler quirks (like refusing to drink plain water and making me water everything down a ton). But when I look back on these precious moments, it feels like it’s flying by pretty quickly.

Mason got to celebrate his birthday twice this year because I was too lazy to have anyone over for a celebration. We did cake and presents for him at home on Wednesday, and then we did cake and presents again with Nana and Grandpa on Sunday. He didn’t seem to mind getting to blow out his candles twice!


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