Mother’s Day Photoshoot

My beautiful friend Leah is a talented photographer (check out @leahthompson_photography), and she recently did a little mother-son photoshoot for us for Mother’s Day! I love that she captured our candid moments, and we didn’t have to worry about trying to strike any cute poses. That part always stresses me out, and we all end up with weird posed faces lol. I think Leah perfectly captured each of my boys’ personalities, and we got some really, REALLY precious photos! My beautiful boys!!! Ahhh these pictures melt my heart!!!

I love this little sequence of Mason and I. She captured us in our natural state 😂

The trampoline ones are so fun! It was fun to just relax and play with the boys, and so cool to see how the pictures turned out!

Rhett got bored with taking pictures and just wanted to play with his buddy Jack, so this is the only one we got of just the two of us haha

She even got me with a couple of my bunny boys haha. This one is Buddy ❤

This one is Buddy’s daddy – Chip!

Be still my mommy heart! ❤

Happy almost Mother’s Day!

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