Observing Baby Juncos

A couple weeks ago Ryan noticed a little bird’s nest up by our power box. It’s funny, the places birds end up. We had a live one in our wood stove not long ago too. I put on some gloves, and thankfully he let me hold him and release him outside. It was a pretty cool experience!

Now, back to these babies – At first I thought they were robin eggs because there are so many robins around here. After some research, I thought they were sparrows. But after seeing the momma, and doing even more research, I’m pretty sure they are dark-eyed juncos.

I think some predator birds got to the nest because there are only two babies left… When I walk by the nest, mom or dad starts chirping at me and following me. In my research I learned that both parents care for young juncos, which I think is pretty cool. Hopefully these sweet little guys make it!

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