Plant Nerd

I’ve turned into a huge plant nerd. I’m still geeking out over these lilies! I can’t believe I grew these! They are amazing and I can’t wait for one of the stalks to bloom all the way so I can cut it and bring it inside!


I’m also pretty proud of the African daisies and Alyssum that I planted in a pot in our back yard. The African daisies are looking pretty cool, but no Alyssum blooms yet.


I’ve been reading a lot about propagation and decided to cut a few stems from my favorite plants and give it a try. I’ve got a rose, tomato, hydrangea, and a strawberry. I know this isn’t the proper way to propagate a strawberry plant, but ours don’t have any runners so I thought I’d just give it a try anyway.


I’ve also decided that I love herbs, and I want every herb growing in our yard. I also want them growing in Mason jars in our window sill. Let’s hope I can get them to grow…


This little birthday cup has some sunflowers planted in it. I’ve had terrible luck with sunflowers this year, and I’m pretty bummed about it – especially after looking back on our flowers from years past. They were massive! Hopefully I can get these started inside and find a good place to transplant them where they won’t get eaten.


Ok, that’s enough excitement for tonight. I’m so excited to watch my little cuttings sprout roots! The boys and I will be studying botany for the next few weeks and I really hope they get as pumped about it as I am. Plants are so cool! You can literally CLONE them!!!

Ok, really though… Bedtime now.

zzzzZZZzzzzZZZzzzZzZzZ z Z z Z z z z z

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