ROTC And A Baby!

This is a picture of what used to be the cutest creature in our family (a close tie with Ryan), but now it seems we will be having a new little cutie joining us in June! We just found out last week that I’m pregnant! We are so excited! I have four apps on my phone that give me daily and weekly pregnancy tips/info, plus I have two pregnancy books and a bathroom scale on the way. I want to make sure I gain a good amount of weight so that our baby is healthy, but I don’t want to gain so much that I can’t get it off after the baby is born… So I will be monitoring myself!

Deciding how to tell Ryan that he was going to be a daddy was difficult, mostly because I was so excited that I wanted to text him while he was at work with the news. Fortunately I convinced myself that newly discovered parenthood is not something to announce via text message, and I was able to hold myself back for long enough to make this video and present it to him when he got home. He liked it 🙂

In my last post I talked about how Ryan is in the process of joining the military – well, that process has changed a little. After some more thinking and research and prayer, Ryan has decided that he wants to join ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) and go into the military as an officer. That means we will most likely be moving to Tacoma or Ellensburg so Ryan can go to school and get into one of the branches of ROTC. We are hoping for Air Force ROTC, but they have some really high standards! You have to have a 3.7 GPA for a competitive scholarship! We wont be trying for that one just yet… I’m really excited because no matter which branch Ryan chooses, we know with ROTC that he will be home when the baby comes.

Just had to add a couple random pictures…

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