School Update & The Dreaded HFMD

This week has been all about Minecraft. Why you ask? Because I somehow came down with hand foot and mouth disease again! So no school for us. HFMD is a horrendous virus that gives you a blistery rash on (you guessed it) your hands, feet, and mouth (specifically the throat). It’s basically the plague. Ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but I’m on my 4th day of it. Day one I had a super high fever. That was awful. Ryan had to help me sit up in bed to take medicine because I was so weak. Day 2 the fever broke and the sore throat started up. We thought I had strep, but on day 3 the blisters appeared… Bleh.

I’ve watched ALL of the Shannarah Chronicles on Netflix. Two whole seasons. I’ve started up on Reign and watched a few reruns of The Office too. Keeping myself distracted and avoiding swallowing, walking, and opening bottles at all costs is my survival strategy right now.

Ryan has been amazing. He’s taking care of everything for me. This week he has done all the cooking, cleaning, feeding, bathing, and playing. And he doesn’t judge me for being a fussy baby. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

School Update

I haven’t posted about our homeschool in a while, so I thought I’d share a little update. We’ve had to change things up again since adding Mason to the equation. Mason and Rhett are pretty needy right now, so it’s hard for me to give Kender the one on one time he needs for his Language Arts lessons. To help me out a little, we started using So far it’s been great! The boys enjoy it, and it allows them to be a little more independent. I need that right now while I get the hang of our new dynamic. Eventually I want to dive back into The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts, Science, and History, but for now we are just using their Handwriting and books. To sum it up, here’s what our homeschool looks like right now:


  1. Language Arts

  2. Math

  3. Science

  4. Art

  5. Social Studies

The Good & the Beautiful:

  1. Handwriting

  2. Minibooks & readers


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