Science and Microscopic Fun

A few months ago we got a microscope to use with our science unit on botany. We pulled it out for the first time on Friday. As I was getting it set up, I realized it didn’t come with slides… I stuck a small mint leaf under the lens to see if it would work without slides, but I couldn’t get a clear enough image. I ended up laminating some little bits of nature to see if those would work for now as makeshift slides.

Parts of a Flower

We were supposed to look at all the different parts of a flower, but that wasn’t happening. The only flower I had on hand was a rose, and I couldn’t open it up without ruining it. We are going to wait until the petals start falling off naturally, then we will take a peek. By then we will have some real slides too. For now, we settled for the pictures of flower parts in the book.

Instead we checked out a laminated mint leaf, clover, and rose petal under the microscope. It worked out pretty well! My boys are only 7 and 4, so this was kind of perfect for their ages. I’m sure the laminated pieces weren’t as clear as they might be on actual glass slides. I think some of what we were seeing was melted plastic, but we still thought it was pretty dang cool! And I didn’t have to worry about them breaking any little glass slides, so that’s a plus. I did order some slides to use in the future though.

Not the purest image, but still cool!

All Caught Up

I’m all caught up on sleep now and it feels AMAZING! And oddly weird at the same time. I feel kind of lazy lol. I’m sure I’ll get over it as the delirium of exhaustion sets in again this week. Ryan is training to be a defensive tactics instructor, and has to attend a special class across the water. That means an 8-5 day shift, plus traffic and ferry time. So we are in for some looooooooong days this week. But I’m pretty proud of him. He has a gift for teaching/coaching ❤

The structure of homeschool really helps. Lately I’ve been listening to an audio book in the evenings while I get the house in order. Then in the morning everything is good to go! We start school as soon as Mason goes down for his nap. All I have to do is keep that routine going and I’ll survive!! I’m not too worried though. We survived the 20 weeks Ryan was at the police academy, and back then he could only come home once a week.

We got this!

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