Settling Down With A Brand New Career

Guess who just became a deputy!

Here he is before his very first day!

Ryan did! After months of applying, going through the process, and waiting, he did it! He started his new job a couple weeks ago. We are so excited! It’s an amazing job with great benefits.

His uniform!

The Badge

The other Badge

This means we will be settling down right here in Poulsbo (or at least somewhere in Kitsap County). It’s so good to finally know where our kids are going to grow up! And it couldn’t be in a more beautiful place.

Potty fun!

Kender has begun potty training. He’ll pee in the potty, but he prefers to poop in his diaper (silly boy). Even so, he’s doing great! He only wears a couple diapers a day, for naps and bed, and he’s had zero accidents in public (thank goodness). We are so proud of him. Our big boy!

I like how Rhett is just staring at his bum lol.

Using his potty with Snoopy!

Cute stuff the boys have done lately

Some pictures of what the boys have been up to lately! Lots of dirt and toy excavators…

We didn’t even show him this. He just loves oranges so much that he made his own orange smile 🙂

Kender and his friends Connor and Chloe had some fun in the sprinklers the other day!

My little foot-grabber.

Again with his excavator ❤ Grandpa Paul was sweet and built him this “job site” to “work” in.

Those cheeks!

Those big brown eyes!

Like I said… He loves excavators.

I’ve never seen so many caterpillars! I had no idea they nested like this!

Trying out the camera on our tablet – it’s not great, but I really like this picture ❤

I stole this from Ryan’s phone so I don’t know the context, but it’s super cute!

Kender still LOVES his excavators. Now we need to get him into police cars. I told him Daddy was a Super Hero now, so maybe that will help lol.

This is part of potty-training… He’ll grow out of that, right?

He found his feet, and he loves to grab them!

We have to swaddle him in these huge fleece blankets because he breaks out of the little baby ones too easily.

One of the few pictures I have of the boys together. Rhett loves watching Kender!

The cheeks again!

Just a selfie with Rhetty.

Kender climbing a big dirt hill at Raab Park with his cousins Bentley and Sadie.

Fun day outdoors

For the first time since we lived in Rexburg, Ryan and I took the kids out and had a few hours of family fun outdoor activity! Kender is to the point where he seems to think the only place people ever go is “work,” and he thinks that’s fun… He really needs to get out more. My bad! It was a really fun day, and both boys did amazing! Rhett didn’t fuss, and Kender used the park potty! Even I have trouble with that one. He’s so brave.

First we went to Fish Park. I’d never been there before, but it was really nice! It’s pretty much just a walking trail, but it’s really beautiful. After that we headed to the waterfront to throw some rocks into the ocean and enjoy the warmth.

This counts as a picture of all my boys, right?

Playing with his little ring toy.

Rhett did so well! He stayed in his stroller most of the time, but when we went to the waterfront I thought it would be easier to have him in the carrier. He always falls asleep in this thing.

Caught the rock mid-air as he threw it!

He made me so nervous climbing over the edge like that… But I tried to let him be a boy and explore.

Taking a picture of Ryan taking a picture of me lol.

Ryan was showing Kender how to find crabs, and not to touch their pincers. Kender swiftly ran over to warn me not to touch them or I’d get big owies 🙂

Last but not least, cute videos!

Rhett’s laugh and Kender singing the excavator song from Twenty Trucks. “This is the work I really love, because that’s what an excavator does!”

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