Thanksgiving 2019

This year for Thanksgiving we took a trip down to Salem to visit Ryan’s sister and her family for a few days. It’s always fun to get those boys together with their cousins. They love each other so much!

Fun with Cousins

The day before we left for Salem, we visited with a different set of cousins that I haven’t seen in a few years. I’m so glad we got to connect with them before we headed out of town. They live in Utah now, so it isn’t easy to hang out these days! Together we had 8 kids, so we decided to meet at our church and lock them in the gym together. I think it was the best idea ever.

Missing Tooth

And the day before that, Kender lost another tooth!! I feel like this post is going in reverse chronological order… We got back in town today and I’m a little tired.

Ok, now we’ll start moving forward.

The Road Trip to Salem

The trip down to Salem was much better than last time! Mason was awake and happy for the first half of the trip, and he slept most of the second half. We had Sadie with us for the whole road trip this time too. I didn’t call her usual boarding place early enough to save her a spot. I called a bunch of places and finally found one in Salem that had room for her. She was a champ! She loves being in the car with us.

1st Day in Salem

The first thing Mason did when we arrived was snuggle all over the rug and carpet. We don’t have carpet, and Nicole’s carpet is extra soft. He can’t get enough! Kender and Rhett ran off to play with their cousins and I pretty much only saw them at meal times. They wanted to soak up every second with their buddies.

Sleeping in a new place is always a gamble when you have a baby. The last time we visited Salem, Mason slept amazingly well – better than he did at home! That was not the case this time around. I was able to get him down for bed ok, but he woke up in the middle of the night and refused to go back to sleep. He cried A LOT, so Ryan and I didn’t get much sleep. I had a terrible headache that night, so Ryan told me to go sleep on the couch downstairs so I didn’t have to hear Mason scream. I got a couple more hours of sleep, and Ryan took a much needed nap the next day before our Thanksgiving feast.

Kender and Rhett on the other hand, slept like this:

They crack me up!! Brotherly love at it’s finest ❤

Thanksgiving Day

We woke up groggy around 8 am on Thanksgiving, and it felt like I spent the entire morning trying to get Mason to take a nap. After a couple of failed attempts, I gave up and let him play. I was shocked that he was actually happy all day! He got a couple five minute power naps (he woke up every time I shifted my weight to try and lay him in the Pack n’ Play), but apparently that’s all he needed. Thanksgiving was very exciting, and he didn’t want to miss a second of it.

Honestly though, who could be mad at that face?!

Nicole and Susan prepared an amazing feast, and Nicole’s in laws came over for dinner and brought some amazing goodies too! They brought green bean casserole and pumpkin rolls, just like my mom and sister used to make ❤ I was supposed to make gravy, but totally forgot about it while dealing with Mason. But we did provide plenty (i.e. way too much) jellied cranberry sauce. That counts as helping, right?

After the fest, we laid around and chatted and enjoyed each other’s company. Aside from the stress and lack of sleep from Mason’s night time antics, it was a very relaxing holiday!

He kept snuggling the blocks lol

Jett and Kender LOVE playing the game “Cover Your Assets”. It’s a fun one!

For our second night, I decided to make a bed on the floor for Mason and I to sleep on. It wasn’t perfect, but there was far less screaming and I think everyone slept better because of it. At one point I was singing to him and he leaned in for a kiss (a little too hard) and he smacked his forehead into my lip and made it bleed. Ryan had a chat with him about kissing girls too aggressively while I cleaned up my bloody lip. 🤣 Mason still woke up in the middle of the night, but I was able to get him to go back to sleep pretty quickly. He just had to be either on top of me, or have his arms and legs wrapped around me to make sure I didn’t try to escape.

The Trip Home

Our ride home was slightly less smooth than our first trip. Mason was cranky from the little sleep he got the past couple of days, but after fussing for a bit he did take two good car naps. And Sadie was SO happy to see us! We were happy to see her too. We were really worried she would be too cold. I didn’t realize that she would be staying mostly outdoors… She never does that. She’s a very pampered pooch. But she survived and seemed happy as ever.

And now I’m off to watch a Christmas movie by the nice warm fire. Happy Thanksgiving! And Happy Black Friday/Cyber Monday too. May all your shopping dreams come true!

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