The Magic of Christmas Time

We spent the last day of November putting up Christmas decorations! I love sitting on our couch by the light of the fire and the Christmas tree. This is my favorite time of year for just sitting in the living room and relaxing. It’s just so magical!

The Santa Secret is Out

Last year I let Kender in on the truth behind Santa Claus… And then he guessed the truth about the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy. He was 6. It wasn’t planned, but I’m honestly glad it happened. He was always SO disappointed when Santa gave other kids better gifts than him, and he didn’t understand why. Oh, and I didn’t grow up believing in Santa so I kind of suck at being Santa, and I had no idea how to explain those things…

I was so scared to tell him, but after I did he put his hand on my shoulder and said, “It’s ok Mom. That actually makes me feel better!” Part of me still worries that he’s just wise beyond his years and he was only saying that to make me feel better. But the good news is that Christmas is so much less stressful this year! I’m no longer terrified that the boys will be disappointed. Kender understands that we have a budget, and Rhett has always been super easy to please. I’ve actually been enjoying brainstorming gifts for the boys, and I’m so excited for them to open them up on Christmas!

Keeping the Magic Alive

Rhett asked me today if Santa was real, and I told him yes and did my best to answer his questions. Is it weird that I feel guilty? I feel like I’m lying to him… I didn’t grow up believing in Santa, so I’m not totally sure how to answer things like, “Does Santa have a house?”. I mean I assume he does, but is it made out of candy canes or something? I wish there was some sort of Santa for Dummies manual I could read. Maybe I just need to Google the history of Santa Claus. Maybe that would help me figure it all out.

On the bright side, Kender is excited to help me make this Christmas magical for Rhett, and I’m so glad I have him to help me! His cousins told him about their Elf on the Shelf, and he asked if we could get one. THAT seems like a pretty straight forward and fun tradition, so I agreed to get one. I hope I can remember to move it every night…

Even though I never believed in Santa, Christmas still always felt like a magical time of year. Who doesn’t love Christmas time!? My parents still gave us gifts from Santa, but we always knew who “Santa” really was. I hope my boys always feel that Christmas magic, even if their mom is the worst Santa ever.

Decorating Our Tree

This year we decorated only the top half of our tree. We figured that would be easier than constantly picking up ornaments off the floor after Mason takes them off the tree. It’s working out great so far! Mason loves looking at the lights, and he can’t reach any of the ornaments. And it only looks a little weird. Yeah!!

Little Ryan and Little April, sitting in a tree… 😍

We have a tiny fiber optic Christmas tree that Ryan and I bought when Kender was a baby. We used that tree until last year when we bought our big 8 foot one we’re using now. We still decorate that tiny tree, and now it sits in Kender and Rhett’s room for them to enjoy. Kender made a paper tree ornament to hang on it!

The Felt Tree Fail

I read a blog post from The Many Little Joys about making a felt Christmas Tree for little ones to play with, and I thought it was a great idea! We didn’t get around to making any cute ornaments like Megan’s (Kender just helped me cut out a bunch of shapes) but I think it still turned out cute!

Rhett really enjoyed the felt tree! We kept our felt tree up for about 2 hours. In that time, Mason took off all the ornaments and scattered them around the house several times. He also tried to rip the tree off the wall several times. That’s when I realized that he might be a little too young for this fun decoration, and it was going to drive me insane. I put it away to use next year. But hey, it was fun while it lasted!

A Painting for Christmas

This year I asked Ryan for this painting by Greg Olsen for Christmas. When I saw it for the first time it brought tears to my eyes. I love the image of our Savior smiling and holding hands with this little boy, especially since I have all little boys. I love the gorgeous scenery behind them, and I love the lighting and the colors. I just love everything about it. And the best part is that my print will actually be signed by Greg Olsen!! He’s having a holiday special on his website right now, and he has some truly amazing paintings.

Take My Hand by Greg Olsen

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