The Mobile Chicken Coop

This is Han Solo, our rooster. Good lookin’ boy isn’t he? All of our chickens are welsummers, and they all look the same, so Han is the only one with a name. 

Today I’m gonna show you our chicken setup. It’s kind of a cross between a coop and a tractor. Ryan designed and built it. He attached straps to one end that he uses to pull it to a new spot every couple of days. Moving the coop makes sure the chickens always have fresh clover to munch on, and they aren’t laying around in their poop 24/7. 

Another bonus is that it fertilizes our clover mound for us. The coop leaves patches of eaten clover behind it, but in a week or so it bounces back and looks better than ever. We also have a few fruit trees planted on this mound, so we like getting those extra nutrients to the trees too.

On the inside, the coop is two stories. The bottom is where they spend most of their time during the day. They like to dig, scratch, munch clover, and lounge around. At night, they venture up the ramp where Ryan has a few perches set up for them. Each end of the coop opens up at the top so we can give them food and water. It’s been a nice setup for us!

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