When I think of the word “unschooling,” I think of lazy parents who irresponsibly let their children run wild and do nothing but watch tv and play video games… I’m not sure where that judgmental idea even came from. Maybe that was just what I was afraid people would think of me for following an unconventional path. Or maybe it’s the way my mind breaks down the word – Unschooling looks like “not schooling,” which my brain translates into “not learning.”

Unschooling simply means that rather than using a structured curriculum, you let the child pursue their own interests. It is child-lead learning. If your child is interested in World War II (like Kender is now), then you provide ways for them to learn more about that topic.


The more I research the concept of unschooling, the more the idea calls to me. I’m glad that we found The Good and The Beautiful curriculum early on, and I know it’s helped me as a mother gain confidence in homeschooling… But I think our educational journey is ready to evolve once more.


Today was our first day diving headfirst into unschooling. Kender wanted to invent a new game and play it, so that’s what we did. We ended up building catapults out of spoons and learning what kinds of materials are good for building solid structures. Rhett wanted to pretend to be a shop keeper, so I pretended to buy things from his store. We read lots of books together, and we connected in a way that we never do when I force them to sit down and work on curriculum.


We had FUN together. And that’s what I want. God gave me some incredible children, and I want to connect with them. I want to have fun with them! This is kind of a scary new path, but I feel like it’s where God has lead me. I trust that He will help me figure it out.

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