YMCA vs Defy

We’ve had a membership to the YMCA on and off ever since Ryan first started working for the Sheriff’s Office back in 2015. It was a lifesaver for me when Rhett was a baby and Ryan was off at the Police Academy. Back then, it was everything I needed to keep me sane while Ryan was away all week for 20 weeks.

Lately though, it’s been more of a hassle for us… The big boys do fine and they like their activities, but Mason either stays with me or goes to child watch. Child watch is usually packed full of young children, and Mason was sick more often than not when we started taking him. I got annoyed with it, and we decided to drop that membership and try something else.


We recently got a new trampoline park in Silverdale called Defy. Ryan took the big boys to try it out, and they were hooked. He ended up joining their “flight club,” which is the equivalent of a membership. They can either both jump all day every day, or they can each bring a buddy to jump with them for 2 hours. Kids under 2 are free, so our whole family can go jump for 2 hours every day. There’s no set time like there is for the classes at the Y, so we can go whenever is convenient for us. That’s a big plus for me with Mason’s sometimes unpredictable naps. The membership ended up being cheaper for our family than the Y too.

This place is a huge blessing for us. The boys LOVE it, and it’s fun for Ryan and I too! I hate working out right now because it’s hard and boring and I’m lazy… But jumping at Defy is crazy fun! It’s something I can handle taking all three boys too. Of course the last time I did, we happened to get there the same time a field trip was going on. That was unfortunate timing… Mason loves playing in the dodge ball area, but there were a bunch of big kids in there. There were big kids (and adults) everywhere, so it really wasn’t ideal for Mason. But normally we go on school days when there are very few kids there and it works out nicely.

I think the Y will be great when Mason is old enough to participate in their homeschool classes (our favorite is rock climbing) and I don’t have to do child watch. They can take PE and swimming too, so it will give them a little more variety. Until then though, we will be spending our rainy winter days at Defy.

This is Kender’s element. He’s a ninja.


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